Qui sommes-nous ?

Nous sommes des ex-employs de la socit BlueComm, nous fmes les petites mains d’une enqute sur l’« esprit d’entreprise » en Wallonie. Nous avons fait grve pour protester contre nos conditions de travail et une rmunration misrable. Et nous avons gagn. Flexblues est notre identit collective.

a c’tait le pass, maintenant l’avenir est ouvert et d’autres combats se prparent.

Bluecomm precarious tempworkers on strike

20 February 2006
Press Release - To and the Free Foundation

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We are precarious tempworkers — students, unemployed, part-timers,... — enrolled in french speaking Belgium by BlueComm, a swiss based market study company, to get people fill in questionnaires for a survey on the "entrepreneurship mind" of the 15-24. We are the majority of the people employed by this company in Belgium. Faced with abmyssal work and wage conditions and with practices that don’t seem to respect our basic rights, we have decided to go on strike, with the following demands.

1) The Bluecomm executives have explicitly tried to convince us to work undeclared : no information on the contracts was available at the information briefings, we were verbally encouraged to work undeclared for "convenience reasons" first, and then with wage incentives : Those who wished to work with a contract would not get the expected 12€ for each questionnaire, but 7,7€ (tax deduced). After repeated demands, no one has been able to see or get a working contract. We have proofs (Emails and vocal recording) of these affirmations.

We demand working contracts complying with the existing legislation.

2) We are paid on a questionnaire basis, not on the time passed to fill them. We are entitled to 12€ (No tax deduced) for each questionnaire supposedly taking 50 minutes to be filled, although, when everything is accounted for, the time needed to fill in one of them if between two and three hours. Our communication and mobility expenses, which are needed to find eligible surveyees are not covered. The only expenses that can be reclaimed are stamps to send the questionnaires back to Bluecomm and the drink offered to the person filling the questionnaire (only him, and no alcohol allowed). Considering all this, we are paid around 4€ an hour , that excluding hidden or unaccountable costs.

We demand a basis of 25€ (all tax deduced) for each questionnaire and the complete refunding of the side costs

3) The Bluecomm company, as of today’s situation, reserves itself the right to invalidate unilaterally the questionnaires we fill in. We are not to be paid for unvalidated questionnaires.

We demand a modification of the questionnaires validation process

We will hand the completed questionnaires in our possession over to Bluecomm when these three demands are accepted.

Furthermore, we acknowledge the fact that Bluecomm and its undefendable practices are only subcontractors of a well established and supposedly respectable belgian foundation : the Free Foundation . this foundation is itself composed of the Belgian Economic Elite (Compagnie Nationale Portefeuille s.a., Electrabel, Fortis Banque s.a., GlaxoSmithkline Biologicals s.a., Lhoist s.a., Groupe Siemens Belgique/Luxembourg s.a., Sonaca s.a.). This calls, in our point of view, for a clear stance of these constituants on Bluecomm practices if they do not want to be considered to be part of these "local outsourcing" practices.

If our demands are not met before 23:07 on Wednesday, we will organise protest actions in the public space to denounce the working conditions we are victims of. We have decided to call our movement Flexblues and have opened a website where you will find more resources.

For more information, you can call Bob the Precarious at this number ++32/499/392938

Signed : The Flexblues Collective

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